Become a WAGS Certified Installer


Sign-up to be a WAGS CERTIFIED PLUMBER and WAGS will send referral business your way!

What is a WAGS Certified Plumber?wags-simplesmart-tank-label-comp3.jpg
1.  Understands the WAGS Valve and its simple/low cost value proposition to property owners on their Tank Water Heater Installations.

2.  A 100% Service Oriented Plumber (Courteous, respectful of the property owners time and dollars, shows up on time)

3.  Charges WAGS recommended "Fair & Reasonable Pricing" for the WAGS Valve Installation. The recommended additional cost to install a WAGS Valve on a new Low-Cost/Tried & True Tank Water Heater; Gas, Electric, or Oil is $325 – $375.

4.  Completes WAGS Installation label and puts on Water Heater, and makes sure the WAGS Warranty Card is filled out and mailed in on behalf of the property owner.


What’s in it for you – the plumber?
1.  If and When the property owners Water Heater fails... you will be the Plumber they call for replacement (The Installation label makes it easy for them to call you... and THANK YOU for avoiding major water damage!!!)

2.  Aquaguard LLC markets nationally in all major plumbing trade publications, and gets loads of property owner inquiries for "recommended plumbers" to call for professional installation, we will be happy to refer these customers to WAGS CERTIFIED PLUMBERS in their service area.

To become a WAGS CERTIFIED PLUMBER please fill out your contact information below, include your company website address, and include any questions in the comments section...have you installed a WAGS Valve? One of our knowledgeable representatives will get in touch with you and show you how the WAGS Valve can help your company grow and give your customers the WAGS Water Heater Safety Valve Peace of Mind!