January 19, 2023: We've had a WAGS for the past 9 years on our 80 gal. tank that's in our basement. The tank had a 12 yr. guarantee and 3 nights ago began leaking. The WAGS worked immediately to stop the water, and we had very little in the tray! We are so grateful to have learned about your product from our long term plumber! Thank you for making such a reliable, needed device that gives peace of mind in preventing disaster! We are ordering 2 more as we have a smaller tank as well. Thank you for your excellent product and your courteous, friendly staff! We will continue to advertise for you! – Craig E.


April 26, 2023: Just received the WAGS valve 48 hours after asking. You guys are a blast to do business with. I wish you could have seen my wife Carol when I pulled out a stuffed (very cute) dog out of the carton. She was like an 83 year old kid again. Many thanks for the quick service... and the dog. – David D., Massachusetts


December 24, 2022: Thanks for the great customer service. Seems like Customer Service is a thing of the past - except for a few. 

The WAGS valve saved a big disaster here. My gas water heater is in the attic and it froze the supply line. When it finally thawed it leaked water down into the pan under the heater and the WAGS Valve operated and the water was shut off. That sure saved it from coming down thru the ceiling and into the living areas. That could have been a disaster. 

Thanks again for helping us get another one of the valves shipped out.

Have a great day and Merry Christmas. – David, Little Rock, AR


December 27, 2021: We had an older version of the wags valve, which did exactly what it was designed to do when the water heater under the kitchen sink died. I had some concerns and questions about the new one and Stephan addressed them all, going above and beyond by handling the return of the old valve personally to ensure we got a rebate for returning it. Could not have asked for a better experience! Thanks to Steve and the entire team for ensuring a smooth transaction, and thanks for the adorable mascot plush! Best marketing ever! – Liz V.


December 13, 2021: Have uses the WAGS valve for many years to prevent water damage and to meet code on new water heater installation where I can’t pipe a water heater pan or blow off to exterior. – Barney Jordan Plumbing


November 18, 2021: Great little shutoff valve. By using these it sure has saved our customers a big and expensive problem when their water heaters start leaking. It is also easy to order and have it received. – Bobby


September 27, 2021: Cars did not come standard with airbags in the past but they were proven effective, so, why do homes not come standard with this simple safety system? Our complex plumbing system has failed twice in our mechanical room and both times the WAGS shut off the water - preventing any damage. No wires, no batteries, no complex bluetooth; perfect, it always works. – Andrew J., Portland, OR


May 10, 2021: I have used this valve for more than 10 years. No fault found and purchased a brand new second valve for my new hot water tank. It's an excellent choice to save water and avoid property damage. – BHARAT R.


April 16, 2021: This shut off valve is a great idea, well made and the company stands behind them. We have one on each water heater. It provides a mechanical water shutoff and peace of mind. – Don R.


April 16, 2021: This is my second WAGS because the first one DID work and I wanted another for my new water heater. Old water heater located on second floor broke. WAGS unit shut off water and gas lines without any action on my part. I had only 1-2 gallons of water spill onto floor instead of tank capacity of 40 gallons. So it was easy to clean up what could have been a very expensive clean up. Imagine, an open water line into a leaking water tank! – Luke


December 7, 2020: Great product. For the last 3 years I installed about 30-35 of them and no complaint whatsoever. Always great customer service and quick response.
5 star! ¶¶¶¶¶– Tim Y.


June 13, 2020: My water heater is in my basement next to my wood shop. I did not want an undetected water leak with all the wood I have stored in my shop so I looked on the internet for a solution. I found WAGS and purchased one. That was almost twenty years ago and after about 6 years on my first water heater, the unit got tested and worked exactly as expected. I installed one on my replacement water heater that lasted 15 years until it recently failed and the WAGS unit worked perfectly again. I love this product and the fact that it is built in the USA. Now I am installing a tankless water heater but am going to install this latest WAGS on my son's water heater. Marion D., Simpsonville, SC


January 23, 2020: A great product and wonderful people at Aquaguard. In 2006 my original water heater, which was located in my laundry room on the second floor, had a leak which created a disaster...40 gallons of water on the first floor. The next year, at a home show, a plumber told me about the WAGS valve which would have prevented that disaster. I had them install the valve not really confident in the hype but what the heck. This past January my water heater had a leak and low and behold the WAGS valve did exactly as advertised. When the tray below the tank reached 1-2 inches the value turned off the gas, stopped the intake of water and created a vacuum in the tank so the 40 gallons stayed in the tank. I was amazed, elated and ecstatic with the performance of the WAGS valve and immediately ordered another valve to be installed on the new water heater. I would recommend this to every homeowner regardless of where the water heater is located. You will never have to clean up water or worry about water damage. The peace of mind is more than worth the price. I would like to thank Stephan and Steve at Aquaguard for all they've done for me. It has been a real pleasure. Elizabeth A., Staten Island, NY


Thursday, February 28, 2019

We are home owners in Westchester County in New York State.

When our last gas hot water heater was installed in 2008 the plumber had recommended installing a Wags valve to shut off both the cold water going into the hot water heater and the gas feed to the hot water heater in the event the hot water tank failed. Over those years we have received a discount each year on our home owner insurance for having the Wags valve. In fact the amount saved by the Wags valve discount on our home owners insurance over the past ten years paid for the cost of the Wags valve installation two or three times over.

Also more importantly, having the Wags valve gave our family peace of mind when we were at home and especially when we were away because we did not have to worry about returning to a flooded basement because the hot water heater failed. In December 2018 we decided to replace the existing gas hot water heater. The existing hot water heater was not leaking but we believe in being proactive; after all, the existing hot water heater had a ten year warranty – so it was time.

Before calling the plumber we called Aquaguard, LLC to find out if the existing Wags valve could be reused or had to be replaced. Not only did Aquaguard assure us that the existing Wags valve could be reused but they gave us all the instructions and information on what to tell the plumber to do to reuse the Wags valve and how to test the work when done. Aquaguard also reviewed our existing installation to make sure it conformed to their recommendations (which it did). They even provided us with a new Wags valve label for the new hot water tank.

With that information we contacted the plumber and were even more surprised to find out that reusing the existing Wags valve did not add to the plumber’s estimate for replacing the hot water heater alone. Based on our overall experience we highly recommend that every home owner install a Wags valve on their hot water heater. It pays for itself over and over! – Marty and Anne R.,Westchester County, NY


The customer service I received from Aquaguard, LLC, when I had and issue with a WAGS valve purchased from TACO many years ago was nothing short of exceptional. They not only helped me understand the problem with my TACO Wags valve, but helped me to problem solve by giving info on who to call and what to expect from a plumber. Better yet, Aquaguard welcomed me to get back to them, if I needed more help; which I did even though it was not Aquaguard’s responsibility to replace my defective valve, they did and supported me through the re-installation with my plumber. All this while being very personable and never being condescending nor impatient with my questions. I will do business with them again, when my new AQUAGUARD WAGS Valve does its job and protects my property from water damage when my water heater reaches the end of its useful life.  Diane, West Orange, NJ


 So one afternoon my wife comes to me and tells me when she turns on the hot water faucet to prepare a tub there is no water. So I go check and sure enough there is no pressure on the hot side of the faucet. I remember checking our heater, which is inside the house, previously which was making a funny noise and noticed a submarine looking thing plumbed in sitting at the bottom of a pan. As I DIY guy on his 3rd house, I have to say I had no idea what this was previously but at this point figured it was some sort of valve.

After checking with the big box stores and a few plumbers could not find anyone that knew what it was. After another attempt at google searching pics I find the exceptional WAGS valve. After seeing this thing work perfectly I could not buy one fast enough straight from the WAGS website. We had relatively new floors in the house and this valve prevented a flood and potential redo of the floors which would have been very costly and a huge hassle. The tank had leaked into the pan activating the valve which shut off the water and contained the entire mess in the pan. Not a drop of water on the floor. This valve is a must-have for a water heater inside a house or anywhere else in an area where water damage is a concern.

Can't say enough good things about it and the folks at WAGS are great as well! – Bill F., Valley View, TX


I was having lunch with a friend last week and she told me that the hot water  in their house went out and the water heater started leaking. Her husband told her the only thing that saved them from a man cave flood was a special valve that closed off the water line. Turns out it was called a “WAGS”, an installation safety add-on that he ok’d with the plumbers recommendation - sometime around 7 or 8 years ago.

My husbands birthday was fast approaching, and as a usual I didn’t know what to get my favorite handyman - tools & stuff… I haven’t got a clue!

So I did a quick search for local plumbers trying to locate a WAGS to give my DIY birthday boy and no luck… valve and installation only. 

After three calls I found a plumber who told me where to locate the manufacturer and within a 10 minutes I was on the phone with Steve Fielding from Aquaguard, they make the valve right up in Rhode Island. He talked me through the two model choices and decided the water-only shutoff unit was the way to go. With Amex in hand it was on the way that same afternoon - WOW! 

My husband received the 2nd day UPS delivery of the WAGS Valve, and was like a woman getting a pair of designer shoes!

He took it out of the box, took pics of it, and sent it to his buddies – might be his best b-day gift this year!!! 

I have sent him your new website (  and asked him to forward to his friends!

Not only a great product, but great customer service as well!!! Jackie P., New York, NY


The WAGS valve saved my finished basement and I will never own a home without one installed on my water heater.

On the Saturday before Mother's Day 2009; my wife discovered water on the floor of our laundry room that adjoins the finished family room. 

"Earlier in the week, the pressure relief valve on my water heater had blown off some water and was trickling. I know that every once in a while, one of those valves will pop and get stuck so that it can't reset itself. I "fixed" the problem by giving the valve "a light tap with a hammer," but that Saturday, the pressure relief valve failed again and began dumping water through the overflow pipe.

The water first ran into a bucket that I have always kept there just in case the pressure relief valve blew off water, it wouldn't go on the floor. The bucket was wedged into a tight space and didn't sit level. The water soon filled the bucket, which fortunately for me was tilted toward the drip pan under the heater. As water collected in the pan, the WAGS valve did what it was designed to do– shut off the water and gas supply and stop the leak.

"I lucked out," Only months before, I had finished the family room with plaster walls and new carpeting. It was filled with new furniture, electronics, and computers “We live down there,". "Three-quarters of my basement is finished and the rest are the washer and dryer, the hot water heater, an extra freezer, my boiler and some extra storage 

Just months previously I had a new, 50-gal, gas-fired water heater installed to increase my home's hot water capacity. A friend told me how frequently water heaters fail and about the flooding and damage they can cause. As a gift my friend gave me a WAGS valve for the new heater. I hired a plumber to install the WAGS valve. 

The plumber wasn't familiar with WAGS and wasn't convinced of its value. He objected to the fact that WAGS can't be reset and must be replaced after it's been triggered. "In hindsight, I probably thought a little bit that way too”, but now looking back on it and having had the problem, I think for the peace of mind I have now it is well worth the money. 

Considering the financial and emotional disaster a flooded basement can cause, I think  every water heater install should have a WAGS valve!

In my opinion the insurance industry should be working to require a WAGS valve in homes they insure to minimize their financial liability. – Jeff S., Pawtucket, RI 


As a landlord, and homeowner, I know my profit is tied into my expenses. As a preventive measure I used to replace my water heaters well before anything could happen, never really knowing how much life was left in that water heater. I'm sure I've placed many water heaters well before they needed to, costing me thousands of dollars. Then someone told me about the WAGS Valve. Now after installing the WAGS Valve, I have peace of mind of knowing that I can keep my water heater until it needs replacing because the WAGS Valve prevents any damage due to a failed water heater. I've had one water heater for almost 12 years, 4 more years then when I was told to replace it. The WAGS Valve has saved me money, time, and worry about water heater damage. I Love it, and so do my tenants.  Roy W., Warwick, RI  


I am coming up on 14 years with the WAGS Valve doing its job on my 40 gal. natural gas unit! I know I am well past the water heaters life cycle and researching all replacement options (way more efficient & way more cost!), yet I am not worried at all - I have a WAGS! – Rich F., RI

UPDATE - June 2018: Well, the Rheem/Richmond 8 year model finally gave in.... after 18-1/2 years!!! 14 years and 1 day after my WAGS valve was installed we came home from a NE heatwave day trip, I hit the shower and hot water flowing, my mind went 0-100 and I ran to the laundry/utilities/family room walkout. Not a drop of water had hit the recently installed plank flooring - what a relief! There sat the trusty old WAGS, wading in 1" of water in the 3" drip tray, no water dripping and the gas shut-off killed the pilot light - AWESOME! The thought of replacing the 400 s/f of flooring, repairing the wet drywall, baseboards, trim, paint, new couches, chairs, valuables - - whew! WAGS did its job and saved us $1000's in out-of-pocket repairs or a $5k homeowner insurance deductible. Well, I enjoyed every short-minute of my coldest water shower - then placed my order for a new WAGS.